Sask after

Susan Potter has been doing photo restoration for over 30 years.  

Her expertise and care ensures you are getting the best quality and service.

Susan will take the time to discuss what can be done with your photos. 

Your originals are safe and secure, as all work is done on premises.

She uses the latest computer hardware and software tools to their best advantage.

Please note that clients originals are not worked on or harmed. 

                                                    Digital copies are made, corrective work is done,

                                                           and then archival photographs are printed.

                                      TRUST IT TO THE PROFESSIONAL

                                                                torn or creased

                                                               pieces missing

                                                     faded black & white or colour

                                                  add or remove a person or object

                                                    prints from negatives & slides

                                                      tintypes & daguerreotypes

                                                                photo collages

                                                          water or fire damage

                                                          archival/giclee printing

                                                          colourize black & white

                                        change colour images to classic black & white

                                                           conservation framing

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